Why Do Some Casinos Ban Auto Play When You Use a Slot Bonus?

Why Do Some Casinos Ban Auto Play When You Use a Slot Bonus?

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January 7, 2014

How to Avoid Getting Banned from Casino fro Using Slot Bonuses

As you should always be checking through the terms and conditions of any online casino bonus that takes your eye, when you do you may come across a rather bizarre little rule which stipulates that you are not permitted to use the Auto Play option when using a casino bonus and are playing slot games.

You may be asking yourself why any casino would impose such a rule, for there is no advantage what so ever to be gained when turning on and using an Auto Play facility when you are playing slots games online. This is true however there are an increasing number of players who simply move from casino to casino taking advantage of new player bonuses and never have any real intention of becoming a regular player at any one site.

With that in mind many online casinos are now trying to make it as hard as possible for bonus abusers as they are known in the industry from taking advantage of welcome and sign up bonuses, and one way of doing that it to not permit those players to simply claim a bonus, set the slot games to pay automatically, then check back later to see if they have made a profit and if so cash those winnings out!

Many of these so called bonus abusers tend to use the auto play setting as a way of ensuring they comply to the bonus rules to the letter, and by this we mean they will set the auto play to play the exact number of spins and at the right stake levels to guarantee that they meet the play through requirements of any bonus awarded to them.

Whilst there is of course no guarantees what so ever that when taking a casinos welcome bonus a player is guaranteed to win, by taking as many of these bonuses as is possible there is a good chance they will end several of those bonus playing sessions in profit!

It can prove to be very costly for online casinos when they are subject to a large number of players all working together to try and exploit the new player bonuses on offer, and this is another reason why these bans on auto play are in force!

How a Casino Tell the Auto Play Setting has been activated?

You may be wondering just how an online casino can tell whether a player is actually using an Auto Play feature on any of their slot games, or in fact any type of casino game. Well, the most obvious tell tale signs are the speed at which a player will rattle through their games with the auto play setting turned on and activated.

Plus there is of course a huge amount of data available to all online casino operators via the back end of the system, and as such they can always tell accurately should a player be using the Auto Play settings on any type of casino games.

Using Video Poker Auto Play Settings


There are a couple of casino game categories where players may be able to gain something of an advantage over the casino when using the Auto Play settings attached to their games, and one of these game categories are the video poker games.

When playing video poker you are dealt out an initial set of five playing cards, and you are then faced with choosing which, if any of those playing cards in that initial hand to hold in place for the next stage of the game.

By holding the best cards dealt out as per the optimal stagey for the video poker variant you are playing then you will get  a better chance of winning as opposed to just holding any old cards and hoping for the best!

All online casinos that offer an Auto Play option on their video poker games will have programmed into that game the best optimal playing strategy and as such when the Auto Play option is activated then the game automatically holds the best cards for you.

Whilst the game does of course always have a house edge which will enable to casino to make a profit in the long term on any video poker game variant, by activating the Auto Play settings players will never, ever make any strategic playing errors which they can often do when paying on their own with the Auto Play settings switched off.

So in addition to slot games you may also find that all video poker games when played with a casino bonus will either have their Auto Play settings unavailable or the bonus terms and conditions will stipulate that no bonuses can be used on video poker games on which the Auto Play is turned on and put into play.

You will also find it advantageous to have the Auto Play optioned turned on when playing casino games such as Blackjack, obviously not if you have a bonus in your account and the casino do not allow you to use the bonus with Auto Play activated!

For when playing Blackjack in this way the game will also play perfect playing strategy and will always make the best playing moves and betting decisions for you when dealt out any cards and you are faced with any Dealers card or cards, so if you do fancy playing Blackjack then do consider turning on and activating the Auto Play settings if it is offered on the Blackjack variant and at the casino you are playing it at.


If you do intend to take any casinos welcome bonuses or any ongoing bonuses then make sure that if upon reading the bonus terms and conditions you find they do not permit auto play whilst the bonus is in your casino account do not utilize it!

For if you do you run the risk of having your bonus and any accumulated winnings voided! Rules are always there for a reason and as long as you follow those rules you should never have any problems should you win and then cash out any accumulated winnings from your online casino account!



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