Casino Hold’em Terms & Definitions

Casino Hold’em Terms & Definitions

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June 18, 2020

Casino Holdem Glossary

Does all the terminology about casino hold’em poker confuse you? Are you afraid you wouldn’t be able to understand what the dealer is saying? Then, this article is for you.

And even if you’ve been in Casino Hold’em for a while, we’re certain you’ll benefit from this glossary. The following list consists of all the relevant terms you’ll hear in a game of Casino Hold’em.

If you want to ace this casino game, browse through all the terms and definitions. To help you in your search for a specific term, we organized the list alphabetically. Check it out.


Ace in the Hole

When one of the player’s hole cards is an ace (A).


To make a move.

Acting out of Turn

Making a move before one’s turn, usually to confuse other players and trick them into seeing their cards.


Like in most casino games, the action refers to the total of all money that has been wagered in a session.


When you put your whole chips stack into play, you’re going “all-in”.

Angle Shooting

A psychological strategy when a player manipulates another player to be able to see his or her cards.


In every poker variant, the ante is the initial bet of each player.


Bad Beat

Originally, a bad beat in poker meant that a strong hand has been beaten by a bad one. Nowadays, however, it means that a strong hand is won by another, even stronger hand.


The amount of money that a player deposits onto their online casino account. Alternatively, in land-based venues, that’s the money the player I prepared to wager on that day. Also known as the balance.

Blank Card

A card with no value to the player.


A type of a forced bet which is placed before the cards are dealt. Its goal is to help maintain money in the pot. Theoretically, without a blind bet, the game could have no end.


The set of community cards.


The process of entering a Casino Hold’em tournament is called “buying in”. The buy-in includes all fees and additional costs.


Burning involves removing the top card from the deck out of the play. Then, the card is placed facing down with other discarded cards.



Calling a bet is matching the same amount that has been put in before you.


Checking in poker refers to passing the action to the next player. In land-based venues, checking is signalled by tapping on the table with one or two fingers.

Check Raise

To check raise means to first check and then raise the bet amount.

Coin Flip (Flip)

In poker, coin flip is a situation where two players have the same chance of winning.

Cold Call

Calling and raising the bet at the same time. A cold call is used when a player wants to hold more bets than one. Typically seen in Texas Hold’em, a cold call is the scenario when a player raises in the pre-flop stage and another player calls it.

Community Cards

The first three face-up cards dealt in a game of Casino Hold’em are called community cards. The set of community cards is called the board. The action of placing the community cards on the table is called the flop.


In poker, a pair of kings is referred to as the cowboys.


Dead Money

Dead money is the money wagered by the players who have folded.


When the dealer or croupier deals, he or she is distributing the cards to the players.


How deep are you? could be asked at a poker table meaning how much money you have left.

Door Cards

Face-up cards.

Draw out

A draw-out is the scenario when you receive a card that saves you from an almost 100% loss by improving your hand significantly.

Drawing Dead

Trying to improve one’s hand but failing.


The drop is the fixed amount of money taken from the pot.


Even Money

If you receive even money, you won the same amount you wagered. In payouts, even money is expressed at 1:1 (1 to 1).



A bad poker player.

Flat Call

Calling a bet without raising the amount.


Look at coin flip.


Calling an opponent’s bet with no made hand of your own. Setting up a bluff for later. A float is usually performed by advanced players.


The first three community cards.


A flush is a hand containing 5 cards of the same suit.


Forfeit interest in further playing; leaving the game. The same as to pass.

Forced Bet

Any type of bet that drives the game further, such as ante, blind, late blind or bring-in.

Four of a Kind

A hand consisting of four cards of the same rank and one card of another rank.

Freeze out

A poker game in which at least one player remains in long enough to take all the money in the pot. Often used in poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Full House

A hand in which the player has the cards of the same rank plus two cards of a different rank but mutually matching. For example, three sevens and two Queens make a full house.


Giving away

If you gave away, it means you accidentally revealed your card to another player.



A two-player game.

High Card Hand

A hand containing random cards that don’t form a valid poker hand. The only potential in this hand is the sole high card. Other than that, the hand is useless. Many players consider this the worst poker hand possible.


A class of popular poker games like Casino Hold’em or Texas Hold’em. In them, players receive between two and four cards as well as five community cards.

Hole Cards

The cards dealt to the players facing downwards. Often seen in games like Hold’em and Stud Poker.


The operator or venue that operates the game, also known as the casino.


Incomplete (Private)

Hole cards.



The extra card in Hold’em Poker used to accompany the primary value of the hand.

Kicker Double

When a small and a high card are played in a hand which has caused for the hand to depend on the same high card and a bigger kicker.


Late Blind

In some casinos, payers are allowed to place a blind bet and bet immediately afterwards. This situation is referred to as the late blind.

Loose Cannon

An amateur.


Main Pot

The main pot is used in case of side pots.


The pile of folded cards or cards that have been burned or discarded.


No Limit Poker

A poker variant which has no set max bet. Generally, they host high-rollers.

Nut (Nut Flush)

Usually heard in Hold’em poker games. A nut or nut flush is the best hand in its class but it can be beaten by a full house.


On the Come

If you’re on the come in a game of poker, the next card might seal the deal for you.

Over Pair

A pair in one’s hole cards that has a bigger value than the community cards.



A poker hand consisting of two cards of the same rank, for instance, two fives.


To stop betting; the same as to fold.

Pocket Cards

In Hold’em Poker, pocket cards are the same as the hole cards.

Pocket Pair

Two cards of the same rank.

Pocket Rockets

Hole cards with a pair of aces in Hold’em Poker.



The same as four of a kind.



A flop with all different suits.


To increase the previously placed bet, thus forcing the other player(s) to bet more.


A range in poker is a scope of possible hands that a player might have based on probability. Trying to guess other players’ ranges is a skill typical of professional, seasoned poker players.


To raise again.


The percentage of the money that a poker room takes for services charged and calculated by the time spent in the room.

Royal Flush

A hand with cards A, K, Q, J and 10 of the same suit; the best possible hand in poker.


A winning streak is called a rush.



A player with a small bankroll (balance).


Jargon for awesome or amazing, e.g. He’s a sick player.


To respond to a raise by calling.


A hand with five cards sequential in rank but not of the same suit.

Straight Flush

A hand of five same-ranked cards arranged in sequence.


Each round of cards.


A non-positional poker variant, meaning that not the same player starts each round.


Table Stakes

The money a player brings with him or herself to a particular table.

Three of a Kind

A hand consisting of three cards of the same rank, e.g. three fives.


When a player is “going on tilt”, he or she is making foolish decisions by letting their emotions take control over their playing.


The fourth community card that comes after the flop.

Two Flush

Two cards of the same suit.


Under the Gun

When a player is under the gun or in the spotlight, they are in the position where they need to react first with a bet.



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