Casino Game Play Limit Settings

Casino Game Play Limit Settings

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Updated November 12, 2021

Casino Game Play Limit Settings

Due to new online casino licensing jurisdictions many online and mobile casinos licensed by those authorities and gaming commissions are now legally obliged to give their players a range of different session limits when those players log into a casino from certain countries.

With that in mind and to ensure you never get tempted to spend more than you can afford we would always suggest you set some sensible limits in regards to the amount of money you can spend when gambling online.

Casino Deposit Limits

You will find that you can limit the amount of cash you deposit into a casino site over any set number of hours, days or weeks and you will also be given the option of how much you can lose on any single session.

Another option you will have is to limit the amount of time you can play casino games for real money online and will also be able to configure a time period that will see you not being allowed to play casino games for a set period of time between each gaming session you have.

Warnings will also be flashed up on your screen when you are logged into some casinos which will let you know how long you have been playing and how much you have spent on that session. So always stay in control of your gambling and if you do think you may be tempted to spend too much make sure you set some limits in place before you start playing.

What Stakes Should I Play For?

One very important aspect of playing casino games in a real money playing environment is that you should always set a stake amount for the games you are looking to play as by doing so you will be able to configure your own gaming sessions in such a way that you will get the maximum enjoyment, entertainment and hopefully winning opportunities form that session.

If you like playing slot games for example and are the type of player who players video slot games then as each video slot usually takes around 150 spins before triggering the main bonus game you should set the unit stake for each spin as 150th of your available slot playing bankroll as that will ensure you have a very fair and reasonable chance of triggering those bonus games.

If you like playing games such as Roulette then you should always keep your stakes to sensible levels for you never know when a series of losing or winning spins will come your way, Most players will then to place no more than 5 percent of their available roulette playing bankroll on each spin.

Card games can also be fun to play and often profitable games, however much like when some players are playing roulette games the unit stakes players will tend to play real money blackjack games for will be no more than 5 percent of their available bankroll.


You really should always play responsibly when gambling online and by making use of the game play limits then that is something that you will be able to readily do. However, one aspect to playing casino games online that can prove too much of a temptation for players is when they have request a withdrawal of winnings they have achieved and those winnings then sit there as pending for a number of hours or days.

When a player does have money sat in a pending state at any online or mobile casino site they will have the option of reversing their withdrawal and will then be able to use those funds to carry on gambling with as they will be removed from the withdrawal process and will be placed in a players account.

You really do need to avoid reversing a withdrawal for most times when a player does reverse a withdrawal they will end up losing back everything they have just won, and could even continue to make a deposit and lose even more money!

With that in mind we would suggest you sign up to one of our featured and licensed online casino sites that do not have a pending period in place when a player makes a withdrawal. Many casino sites will now pay your winnings instantly when you have requested them and as such you are never going to run the very real risk of losing back what you have won!

If you do find a casino has a pending period then always keep your wits about you and never, ever be tempted to reverse a withdrawal even if a casino offers you a bonus to do so, for you really will be annoyed with yourself if you end up losing back those winnings!



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