Card Games with Bonus Payouts but No Bonus Bet

Card Games with Bonus Payouts but No Bonus Bet

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September 4, 2014

Card Games with Bonus Payouts but No Bonus Bet

There are many different casino cards games which offer players one or more different bonus bet options, these are additional bets which you can place alongside your base game bets and in exchange for those optional bets you will have a chance, often only a small one though, of winning a range of different valued bonus payouts when you have been dealt out certain winning hand combinations.

However, as those bonus bets do require a separate stake which is going to keep eating away at your bankroll when you place them, you may be more interested in playing a range of casino card games which come with their own unique set of bonus payouts and are games on which you are not required to place any type of bonus bet to have a chance of winning those extra cash prizes. If so then keep on reading as we will now introduce you to these types of games.

Spanish Blackjack

Playing Blackjack games online which offer all manner of bonus payouts will often require you to have to place a side bet to get those winning payouts paid out to you whenever one of the winning hand combinations listed on the bonus bet pay table has been dealt out to you.

However, one Blackjack game which is going to award you with quiet a number of bonus payouts is the Spanish Blackjack game variant, and what makes this a very appealing game to play is that you are never required to pay any additional stake or side bet to get awarded its bonus payouts!

Whilst the vast majority of bonus payouts you will receive when playing Spanish Blackjack online are quite low in value ranging from odds of 3 to 2 to 3 to 1, if you manage to get dealt out a set of three suited 7 cards as your initial three cards dealt out to any un-split hand and the dealers up facing card is also a 7, then a winning payout worth 50 to 1 will be awarded to you.

That bonus payout will be determined by the amount of cash you wagered on the base game hand, so if you wager 10.00 on it you will instantly receive a payout worth 510.00 when that winning hand combination is dealt out to you!

Super Fun 21 Blackjack

One game that we are convinced a lot of Blackjack players are going to enjoy playing is the Super Fun 21 Blackjack game, for this game not only comes with a set of unique bonus payouts which will be awarded to you when certain hand combinations are dealt out to you and without you having had to place a bonus bet, but the base game also comes with lots of very player friendly rules.

Take for example the occasions when you and the dealer both get a Blackjack hand, many Blackjack games will declare that hand a push and you will only get your stake money back, however when you play the Super Fun 21 Blackjack game online when you and the dealer both get a dealt out a Blackjack hand the players hand is deemed to be the winning Blackjack hand!

The set of bonus payouts that are going to be awarded to you when you play the Super Fun 21 Blackjack game are all paid based on the base hand you have been dealt and will never be paid and awarded to you if you have placed a double down wager.

Should you get dealt out a specific Blackjack hand that is one in the suit of Diamonds then you will be rewarded with a bonus payout of 2 to 1 for that hand combination! It doesn’t matter what cards the dealer gets dealt out as his hand if you have a Diamond Blackjack hand then you will always receive that enhanced 2 to 1 winning payout for that hand.

Another bonus payout you will get is if you manage to get dealt out any six cards which add up to a total of 20 or less in value, if you do then that hand will always be deemed to be the winning hand no matter what hand the dealer is dealt out, the winning payout is even money, and whilst not enhanced it is a bonus payout never the less, and you are guaranteed to win the game with that type of hand.

If you are playing Super Fun 21 Blackjack and you are dealt out a five card or more hand that adds up to 21 in total then you receive an instant bonus payout for that hand of 2 to 1, once again much like the other bonus payouts listed above you get that 2 to 1 bonus payout no matter what hand the dealer manages to form.


As can you can see from the range of casino games above, not all of the card games that offer a range of bonus payouts will require you to place a bonus bet to be awarded with several different bonus payouts. In fact those that do often have a much higher house edge on those additional yet optional betting opportunities and that means it will cost you to place them and have a lower overall chance of winning.

With that in mind we would advise you to avoid the bonus bet element of any card game that offers such a bet for placing it will affect you winning chances, and even though those bonus payouts may seem very attractive, if you do not manage to get dealt out the hand combinations which award those bonus payouts then your bankroll will soon be eaten away when playing those bonus bets on any casino card game!



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