Can I Win Two Jackpots in Quick Succession?

Can I Win Two Jackpots in Quick Succession?

Staff Writer
August 16, 2016

party-time-slotYou are always going to have a chance of winning a slot games jackpot as long as you are playing a slot game that is, however the value of some online slot game jackpots are so huge in size it is often a once in a lifetime achievement winning one of them!

However, one question that we often get asked by real money online slot players is whether it is possible to win two jackpots in quick succession when playing the same slot game.

Well, as every single slot you will come across at any of our listed and approved online casino sites are completely random you do have a chance, albeit a small one of winning two jackpots in quick succession!

This guide is going to be giving you an insight into which slots have jackpots on offer that do tend to get won much more regularly than the jackpots attached and on offer on other slot games.

So if you are looking to put together a listing of slots to play that could see you winning one or more jackpots much more regularly, then please read on for there are several slots listed below that do offer you the chance of doing just that!

Slots Offering the Best Odds of Your Winning Their Jackpots

The slot games which are going to award their respective jackpots much more regularly than other slot games will be the ones which have the lowest valued jackpots, and as such you should be looking for a slot game to play that has a jackpot on offer that pays 1000 coins or less.

Many of the classic and three reel slot games on offer at various different casino sites will have low valued jackpots and as such locating a three reel slot to play that could award you with more than one jackpot payout in quick succession will be easy!

Look out for some of the three reel slots that offer a different valued jackpot on each individual payline, for there is going to be plenty of chances of you actually winning the jackpots when playing such slots with every single payline in live play.

Three will also be lots of video slots which do come with low valued jackpots too, so if you much prefer playing video slot offering additional bonus games then you will have no shortages of those games on offer to you too!

Random Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

The slot games offering you the very best odds of winning a progressive jackpot are the new breed of random jackpot slots on which you can win more than one jackpot on any spin you play off.

With that in mind you should consider playing at casinos such as those that use the Microgaming, Real Time Gaming or Playtech gaming platforms and their range of slot games of by doing so you will find lots of different random jackpot slots on offer.

As there are more than one progressive jackpot on offer on these types of slot games and as the lower valued jackpots get won every few minutes or so no matter when you play them or for what stake amount you play them for you do stand a much greater chance of winning one of their jackpots than you ever would playing any online slot machines offering just one single progressive jackpot.

Just make sure that you do try our several random jackpot slots as there are many additional bonus games each of them individually offers many of which you will love triggering and then playing off!


You are always going to be in the hands of Lady Luck in regards to whether you are going to win a jackpot when playing slot games and slot machines, no matter where you choose to play them, however the more spins you play off over time the greater your chances will be of finally winning a jackpot!

There are several ways that you can therefore play off more base game spins on any slot games, one way will be by you making use of as many high valued deposit match type casino bonuses for the amount of bonus credits those bonuses award you with will then in turn allow you to play off many more spins per session when utilizing those bonus funds.

Also, do consider lowering the actual stake values that you play online slot games for, as the vast majority of such slots will offer you plenty of different staking options and by keeping your stake levels as low as is possible then that in turn will allow you to play off even more spins than you normally would do when playing for slightly higher stake amounts, good luck and let’s hope you do bag a jackpot sooner rather than later!



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