Can I Speed up my Casino Game Play?

Can I Speed up my Casino Game Play?

Staff Writer
October 15, 2015

Can I Speed up my Casino Game Play

If you fancy playing a range of casino games but you only have a small amount of time to do so then you will be able to speed up the way most casino games play by utilizing the option settings that are attached to most casino games.

If you like playing slot machines online but want to be able to play off as many spins as you possibly can do then the next time you launch your favorite online casino and log into your favorite slot games give the options button a click and see if there is a fast or speed play option.

When you use that option setting all of the games animations will be turned off and as soon as you click on the spin button to send the reels spinning they will spin and stop rapidly, and as such you will find you can then play off large numbers of spins but in very small space of time.

It is not just slot machines and slot games that can be sped up for if you are a fan of playing any type of card game then you will also find you can use a speed play version of those games which are once again accessible by clicking on the options tab and then selecting speed deal.

By using those options when you click on the deal button the dealer will then deal out the cards at a lightning speed and once again you will then have the opportunity of playing off a large number of hands in a very short space of time.

Best Casino Games to Play Quickly

If you are wondering just which casino games are going to be the best ones to play quickly then let us give you a few pointers and explain why. One game which can be a little too slow for many players is the casino game of Keno and by opting to play that number predicting game via the speed play options the balls will be fired out of the Keno machine rapidly!

Another game which can be a little too slow for most players is video poker and that is another of the many different games which you can set to play rapidly via the option settings.

If you are a fan of playing slot games which have a bonus game or even a progressive jackpot which can be won randomly then those games will be ideal ones to play quickly as there can often be a huge number of spins in between bonus games and progressive jackpots being awarded.

By speeding up your game play you will also benefit from earning lots of casino comps very quickly, however always do keep in mind that when playing any game quickly you may just bust out twice as fast as you usually would, so only use the fast play options if you do have limited time to play casino games online!


One thing that you must always remember when playing any casino games is that you can have both winning and losing sessions, and as such always allocate a set amount of funds to play any type of casino games and always stick to your limits.

When you do choose to speed up the rate at which you are playing any casino games online then one thing to keep in mind is that you are going to find you tend to notice the losing streaks just as much as you will the winning streaks, and when playing any casino games quickly and in a sped up fashion you may get the feeling something is not right when you are on a losing streak!

However, when you play any of the many different casino games at all of our featured, licensed and fully reviewed casino sites you are always going to be playing games that have been certified and verified as being fair and completely random games.

So if you do speed up the rate at which you play any casino games and experience a long run of losing outcomes those games then that is purely down to luck or bad luck so to speak and the game you are playing are no rigged or fixed, those losing streaks are just much more noticeable when playing sped up games!

Also be aware that you can also choose to put into play the auto play settings when playing most online casino games, so if you wish to go and do something else whilst your are logged into a casino then make use of those auto play settings as you will be able to configure the games to play automatically for you on your own stake levels and at a speed selected by you in advance!



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