Can I Play Games Alongside Friends?

Can I Play Games Alongside Friends?

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August 13, 2016

no-worries-multi-playerPlaying a slot machine no matter in what playing environment you choose to play that slot is often a very solitary thing to do, for when playing at home for example at an online casino site you will usually be sat somewhere in your home in front of your computer with nobody else around.

However, when you visit a land based casino there are some slot games which have been designed in such a way that several slot players can play a bank or row of slot games together and as such those type of slots are community based slots on which you can trigger bonus games and bonus features at the same time as other players playing those slots.

Those community based slot games are often popular with players who are visiting such a casino site with friends or family members as you will get a much increased level of entertainment and collective excitement when you play those slots, and as those slot machines are positioned all side by side you will of course be able to chat and interact with the other players playing those slot games too!

Playing Multi-Player Slots Online

The multi-player slot games that are available at certain online casino sites will often be grouped together in the casinos game menu, and as such you should always take a look through the game menu to determine just what types and varieties of multi-player slots are available at the site you are playing at.

When you launch such slots you will often find that before you are allocated a position on a multi-player slot you will first have to select the coin value you wish to have in play on those slots, and once you do then the casino software will find you a seat at one of the multi-player slots and you will then be able to start playing them straight away.

One thing we have noticed however is that these type of slot games are only available as real money slots and as such you are not going to be given the option of playing them for free, however as each slot will be offering you plenty of winning opportunities and as the jackpots can be huge in size then playing them for real money is probably something you will want to do anyway!

Which Online Casinos Have Multi-Player Slots?

Sadly there are not a huge number of online casino sites that have a range of multi-player slot games on offer, and as such if you are fancying the idea of getting stuck into playing some of them then it will need to be at one of the fully downloadable online casino sites offering the Microgaming gaming platforms that you are going to have to sign up to and play at.

There will then be quite a number of differently structured multi-player slot games on offer to you at those casino sites, but remember that you will need to play those types of slot games for real money as there are no free play options available on any of them!

Once you have launched the multi-player slot game you wish to play you will also find that you can make use of a small chat room located at the side of the actual slot game screen, as such if you do want to say hi or have a chat to any of the other players sat playing that slot then that is something you can do.

However if you would prefer not to interact at all with the other players sat playing the same multi-player slot as you then you can turn off and de-activate the chat room facility!


Whilst you may or may not be interested in playing any of the many available multi-player slot games they are always worth playing if you do fancy a change of scenery when you are logged into any online casino site, and as the bonus games are awarded to all players at the same time they will certainly liven up your slot playing sessions online too.

Also keep in mind that you are also going to be able to take part in lots of multi-player online slot tournaments too at many different online casino sites and as such if you do want a very cost effective way to play slots online then do checkout some of our additional articles and guides that will enlighten you on how online slot tournaments work and operate.

We wish you the very best luck if you do decide to play multi-player slots and remember the only way you are going to discover if those types of slots appeal to you is to give them a whirl yourself and see how good or bad you actually find them!



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