Can I Ask an Online Casino Host for a Bonus?

Can I Ask an Online Casino Host for a Bonus?

Staff Writer
February 17, 2018

Asking for Casino Bonuses

Playing casino games online in a real money playing environment does of course come with risks, and part and parcel of being a gambler does of course mean that sometimes you are going to bust out your bankroll very quickly.

When you do make deposit after deposit and do not get much play time out of those deposits due to a losing streak you may then feel like you deserve some form of compensation from a casino site.

When your deposits do not last very long then you will not of course have accumulated many comp points so there is very little chance that you will have many comp points to cash in and turn into playing credits. But there is one thing that you could do, and that is to ask your casino host whether they are prepared to give you a discretionary bonus based on your bad run of luck!

Most casino sites will allocate a casino host to their players, and it is the job of that host to ensure that you have an enjoyable time at the casino and are going to remain loyal to the casino. As such if you do experience a bad run of luck there is no harm in asking a casino host whether they will flip you a free bonus, and in most cases he or she will do so.

Reducing the Chances of Your Busting Out Your Bankroll Too Quickly

If you carefully select the games you play and by that I mean you stick to playing games that boast high payout percentages and low house edges, then you are well on your way to getting some much longer gambling session and not being in a position where you bust out your bankroll way too quickly!

As each game category will be made up of several different variants, then no matter what games you enjoy playing the most, you will always find some of them come with higher RTP’s and lower house edges than all other games, so make sure you find out what those facts and figures are and only ever play the games with be very highest paybacks on offer.

Next you need to make sure the actual stakes you wager on each game are not too high, for one mistake a lot of players do make is to play for stake levels their bankrolls cannot sustain for very long and that is why they often bust out their bankrolls too quickly!

Using Bonuses for More Playing Value

There are risks attached to playing any casino games of course with your own real money funds, but as soon as you start claiming bonuses or for that matter any type of promotional deals and offers, then the risks can increase.

For when you set about for example claiming deposit match bonuses, then you are not going to be in a position to cash out any winnings until you achieve any and all play through requirements attached to the bonus you have claimed.

As such you need to become a savvy bonus claimer if you do wish to start using casino bonuses to help you get more play time and more added playing value.

For you will have to learn which bonuses are going to be the very best ones to claim, and those are usually the ones with no limits in regards to how much you can win with them, the bonuses with no maximum stake limits and no limits in regards to the casino games you can play are also often worth claiming, and bonuses that have a tiny play through requirement are also the ones worth claiming also!


Bonuses are often not all they are cut out to be, and you do need to keep that in mind if you have become the type of player who only plays at casino sites that do offer high valued bonuses such as deposit match bonuses!

If you are such a player but haven’t made any withdrawals recently and always seem to lose when playing at different casino sites, then it is probably down to the fact you are using bonuses that you haven’t been able to cash out.

By playing every now and then at least with your own real money credits you will be amazed at just how often you do actually get your account balance up to a much higher amount than you deposited, which you could then cash out.

Playing with bonuses also always means that even if you do start winning you are never going to be able to cash out those winnings until you achieve all of the play through requirements, which often puts at risk those winnings and also often sees you losing your early session winnings too.



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