Can Casino Games have RTP’s Over 100%?

Can Casino Games have RTP’s Over 100%?

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November 12, 2014

Can Casino Games have RTP’s Over 100

When you have a good look through all of our many different casino game reviews and casino game playing guides and articles of which we have hundreds of on this website, you will find lots of facts and figures surrounding the payout percentages games such as slot machines and video poker machines have attached to them.

The payout percentage you will find listed alongside all online casino games are what those machines have been designed to return to players over the long term in regards to the amount of money they can win based on how much they have spent playing those games.

Many online slot machines for example will have payout percentages listed around the 92% to 99% ranges and if you ask any savvy casino game players which are the games they always insist on playing then it will be the slots offering the highest payout percentages that they will always make a beeline to and get stuck into playing.

It should be noted however that the online video poker games of which there are a huge number of variants available online come with much higher payout percentages than virtually any other type of online casino game and you will find most of them offer payout percentages of around the 99% range and those games really will be worth playing if you want the maximum winning chances.

However one question that we do know many first time casino game players will want the answer to is whether the payout percentages on the games they are playing will vary over time, and whether it is possible to have any casino game that is going to give them a payout percentage of over 100%, and this question is answered below!

Actual Casino Game Session RTP’s

When you start to play any online casino game you need to remember that you are going to experience winning and losing outcomes on whatever casino game you have chosen to play, and those winning or losing outcomes is going to affect the payout percentage you have achieved during that one single session.

Even though you may for example be playing a video slot game which has a published and certified payout percentage of let us say 96% that does not mean you are going to get paid back on any one session 96.00 for every 100.00 you wager!

You will of course experience losing spins and winnings spins on that slot and each spin you play off will increase your payout percentage if that spin is a winning one and will lower the payout percentage you have achieved each time a losing spin has been spun in.

This means that is it perfectly feasible that when you have a series of winning outcomes on that slot game your actual payout percentage for that one slot playing session can indeed become way higher than 100%, but do be aware the opposite is also rue and your payout percentage could drop down to a very low amount way lower than the 96% payout percentage we gave in our example.

The trick to taking advantage of when your payout percentage that you have achieved on any one single slot or video poker game playing session is higher than 100% is to stop playing and cash out your winnings when you are winning, for over time the payout percentage will always level out and will end up quite near to the expected payout percentage is not finally arriving at that figure.

However, it is possible that you will experience many winnings sessions even when playing one slot game, and when you play progressive slot games for example if you manage to win the progressive jackpot your payout percentage achieved on that game can and will be enormous, as long as you didn’t spend a fortune trying to win that jackpot of course!


As you have just found out anything is possible when you are playing online casino games either for free or for real money! However, as with any other form of gambling you do have to always be aware that not every single casino game playing session you have is going to be a profitable one and it is very easy to have lots of losing session on the trot.

With this in the forefront of your mind you should always be prepared to take advantage of a winning casino game playing session whenever it occurs and always be prepared to cash out your winnings and save them for another day as the risk of losing back what you have won at any online casino is a very real possibility the longer you choose to play.

One thing that can often happen when you are gambling is that you start to win during the first few minutes of your gambling session, and even though it is very hard to do you should be prepared to stop playing and cash out those winnings!

Never gamble more than you can comfortably afford to lose and always set yourself limits in regards to how much you are prepared to lose, and also set in place some modest win limits, and when you reach either limit call it a day and stop gambling, as there is always going o be another day when you can try your luck in an online casino site!



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