Show off Your Blue Blood with Blackjack Azure from Pragmatic Play

Show off Your Blue Blood with Blackjack Azure from Pragmatic Play

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Updated December 8, 2023

How to Beat Blackjack Azure

Blackjack Azure is the latest addition to the live dealer section of Pragmatic Play.

In this week’s article, we tell you what the new live casino game is and how to play it. We share all of its secrets with our readers, alongside some special tips for players.

Finally, we tell you where to play this stunning blackjack variant.

Stick with us for all you need to know about Blackjack Azure from Pragmatic Play.

What Is Blackjack Azure

After the luck-based game show Mega Wheel, Pragmatic brings us refreshment with the new game of skills – Blackjack Azure.

Coming out in September 2020, Blackjack Azure is a gorgeous casino game with lots to offer. The optimal theoretical RTP it offers is a whopping 99.59%. And that’s the only thing that makes this game appealing and so playable.

Dealers are both girls and guys, making the game dynamic and unpredictable – although blackjack isn’t. The low house edge allows advanced gamblers to take advantage of strategies to beat the game.

The operating hours for this live blackjack are 24/7. So, wherever you are in the world, you can join your favorite live casino and start playing.

Pragmatic Play vouches for top-quality live streams with their 4K cameras and the real-life feel the game exudes.

All action takes place is Pragmatic’s popular casino studio in Bucharest, Romania. The venue is marvelous. It is furnished in Art Deco style with sharp gold lines and prominent, blue details.

The table itself is a strong nuance of blue makes the surrounding intriguing and inviting. You’ll even spot some purple pop-ups and Great Gatsby-like motifs likely inspired by the 1920s.

Croupiers wear velvet dresses and smart suits with elegant bowties. The overall ambiance is somewhat mysterious, making Blackjack Azure immensely intriguing.

Check out our quick tutorial on how to play Blackjack Azure from Pragmatic Play.

How to Play

How to Play Blackjack Azure

Powered by HTML5, Blackjack Azure is playable on mobile, desktop, and tablets. Pragmatic Play always enables its customers to play on the go should they feel like it.

To join the live casino game, sign in to your favorite Pragmatic Play casino – more about that later.

This is, after all, a standard blackjack variant with popular rules. The goal is to get a natural aka to hit 21. Alternatively, come closer to 21 than the dealer to win at Blackjack Azure.

The betting time in Blackjack Azure is 10 seconds. Thus, the game is energetic and pretty fast-paced.

Table limits depend on the table you pick. Blackjack Azure comes on 10 different tables – from A to J. The most affordable table is Blackjack Azure A, with the minimum bet of just $10 and a maximum of $2,500.

The best table for high-rollers is Blackjack Azure J, whose betting range goes from $500 to $5,000. You can play in over 100 currencies and use UI in 21 languages.

It’s worth noting that each table allows the multi-seat option with the same bet amount for each seat.

Once the croupier deals the cards, you have four options:

  • Hit – asking for another card. If the dealer has a 7 or higher, hit until you have 17.
  • Stand – refusing another card. When the chances of busting (going over 21) are bigger if you draw another card, you should stand.
  • Splitsplitting same-denomination cards into two hands. Split Aces and 8s. Do not split 4s, 5s, or 10s.
  • Double Down – doubling your bet. If you’re 100% certain you’ll beat the dealer, you should double your bet. Then, you’ll get another card. Pragmatic activates the auto-stand option after drawing this card. The basic strategy dictates that you should double on 11 unless the croupier shows an Ace.

Side Bets & Extra Features

Other than the main options, the game can be even more entertaining if you play side bets. In Blackjack Azure, there are two side bets:

  • Perfect Pairs – PP is an easy side bet to play. You’re betting on getting a pair. Different colors and different suits pay at 5:1. Same-suited, differently-colored pairs pay 10:1. The legendary perfect pair (matching in color and suit) pays 30:1.
  • 21+3 – To win the 21+3 side bet, you need some poker knowledge. The goal is to create a poker hand using your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up. The highest-value hands are suited three of a kind and straight flush.

Remember that side bets act separately from the main bet.

Additionally, Blackjack Azure offers two bonus features – Bet Behind and Early Decisions.

The “Bet Behind” feature turns each seat of the table into a multi-player. The role of the “Early Decisions” functionality is to speed up the game pace and make it more vigorous.

Where to Play Pragmatic Play Games

Blackjack Azure Pragmatic Play

All Pragmatic Play casinos are licensed and eminent. Therefore, it was a difficult task singling out only a few of them to recommend to you.

Nevertheless, that’s our business, and here are our top picks live casinos for Blackjack Azure.


With over 2,500 casino games,  and a fantastic live game section, Pribet should be at the top of every list you have. It's also a very famous brand, having quite popular sister brands available across the globe.  Needless to say, you can try your hand with Blackjack Azure in Pribet's live casino lounge.


The king of casinos is also happy to offer you a chance to enjoy all ten of Pragmatic’s new live tables. Browse the blackjack database for more exclusive titles from the award-winning live casino.

How Playing Blackjack Azure Feels

The sapphire new game of Twenty-One gets a 10/10 from us. The team loved every bit of it – especially the environment. Dominant shades of blue and navy blue caught our eye immediately. Stylistically, it slightly reminds us of NetEnt’s studio.

But Blackjack Azure is not just a name. This is a multi-tier game with immersive side bets, including Perfect Pairs, 21+3, and Bet Behind. The gameplay is snappy and engaging, with just 10 seconds to place bets between rounds.

Pragmatic Play Blackjack Azure is thus a full package. Play it 24/7 today!



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