When is the Best Time to Play a Progressive Slot?

When is the Best Time to Play a Progressive Slot?

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December 9, 2013

When is the Best Time to Play a Progressive Slot

There is of course one question that almost every online slot player would like answering, and that is when is the best time to play a progressive slot and a time when that player is more likely to walk away with the progressive jackpot!

As it is not possible, even with a crystal ball, to know exactly when you should spin the progressive slot game reels to guarantee a progressive jackpot paying winning combination, there are a few little indicators that we can pass onto you which may help you spot when a progressive online slot game is more likely to award its top prize jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot Payout Histories

As there have been quite a number of progressive slots online and available for well over a decade now, there is a way of looking into the payout history of each of these slots to arrive at when, on average, that slot game is more likely to award its progressive jackpot.

This is done by you working out the average amount of cash won by each progressive jackpot winner over the slot games long term operation. With this in mind we have compiled a definitive listing below which highlights all of the older progressive slots games and alongside each of them you will find these very relevant average progressive jackpot payout amounts!

Tunzamunni Slot

The Tunzamunni slot is one of the very low stake Microgaming powered Progressive slot games that has been designed as a 3 reel classic slot. One payline can be played per spin however by playing five coins per spin then the progressive jackpot becomes active and spinning in three of the Jackpot symbols when playing the maximum five coins spin, and for reference the coin values are fixed at 0.05, then you will be awarded the progressive jackpot.tunza-munni-slot

Based on the long term jackpot payout history of this Tunzamunni slot game the average amount won when playing this game is 49,302.00, and as such only consider playing it when the jackpot is at that level or above that amount.

Fruit Fiesta Slot

For a total cost per spin of 0.75 you will have the chance of winning a fairly sizeable progressive jackpot when playing either the 3 reel Fruit Fiesta slot game or the 15 payline Fruit Fiesta slot. These two Microgaming slots share the same progressive jackpot pool and as such you could spin in the progressive jackpot paying combination when playing either of them.


Should this particular slot be of interest to you, then always check the current value of the progressive jackpot, and when it is at or above its average payout amount which is 23,091.00 then and only then should you consider giving this slot some play time!

Cash Splash Slot

Probably the one progressive slot game that most slot players will have played at one time or another when logged into any of the large number of top rated Microgaming casinos is the Cash Splash slot. This is another progressive game that is available to play in two different versions, the first being a classic 3 reel slot and the other a 15 payline video slot.

The only way of activating the progressive jackpot payout when playing either version of the Cash Splash slot is to play for stake levels of 3.00. The average amount of cash this slot has paid out to all jackpot winners is 26,079.00, so when selecting a progressive slot to play today then always take a look at whether the jackpot offered on the Cash Splash slot is above that amount, and if so then that would be a good time to play it, for the jackpot may be overdue!

Fruit Mania Slot

You are going to be able to play the Fruit Mania progressive slot game at any online casinos using Playtech’s casino software platform, this is a very bright and colourful slot on which a quite large valued jackpot is always going to be on offer to you.

However the best time to seriously consider giving this slot any amount of play time will be when you notice its current progressive jackpot has risen to over its average payout amount, and based on the hit history of this Fruit Mania slot that average hit amount is 24,046.00.

Magic Slots

There are a number of Playtech slot games on which you can opt to play them for different coin values, and obviously the higher the coin values you choose to play the bigger the potential progressive jackpot will become.

Playtech’s Magic Slots slot game can be played on stake levels of 0.25, and as such should you be seeking a fairly low cost progressive slot to play today then this may be a good one to get stuck into! The best time to play the Magic Slots game is when the current jackpot as displayed on the progressive jackpot ticker is above 12,153.00 in value.

Safe Cracker Slot

One final progressive slot game that could be of interest to you is the Playtech designed Safe Cracker slot, this is available to play for multiple coin values and stake settings, however it is a very basic slot game to play due to it classic 3 reel structure.

Should you be interested in playing this Safe Cracker progressive slot online then if you opt to play the 1.00 fixed coin version of the game the average hit amount is 12,546.00 and as such you should only look at giving it some play time when the current progressive jackpot has grown in value above that average hit amount.

However, as there is a high risk, high reward version of this slot, that being the 5.00 fixed coin variant should you find the higher jackpot offered by that particular version tempting, then only consider giving it a try when its current progressive jackpot is above it average hit amount which in the case of this slot is 60,482.00, good luck if you do decide to play this or any of the above named and listed progressive slot games!



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