Best Slot Tournament Slot Games

Best Slot Tournament Slot Games

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December 19, 2013

Best Slot Tournament Slot Games

Should you have read our Guide to Playing Online Slot Tournaments and our article on Tips for Winning Online Slot Tournaments and found them interesting, then you will also find the following article on which we take a look at the best slot tournament slot games interesting.

With there being literally dozens if not hundreds of slot tournament on offer to players every day of the week then you may be wondering just what slot games are used on the majority of these slot tournaments and are any particular slot games more suited to being tournament slots.

Well, below we have listed the very best tournament slot games which are going to give you not only plenty of entertainment and excitement when playing them in a slot tournament fashion, but if all goes to plan these slots could award you with some massive scores by virtue of their respective high payouts which can be won on either the base game or the bonus game.

Top Online Tournament Slots

To help you track down a slot tournament that may be worth entering online, we have compiled a guide below which will present to you the best online slot games which can be found attached to many slot tournaments.

Each of the slots listed below come with unique playing features, bonus games and high payouts which means they make perfect slots for tournament play, so if you do see any up and coming slot tournaments featuring these slots then do consider giving them a go!

Immortal Romance Tournament Slot

The Immortal Romance slot game comes packed with different types of bonus games and bonus features, however when playing this slot in a tournament you really will be hoping to see the randomly awarded Wild Desire bonus feature being awarded to you, for when it does it could instantly award you with the best score in the slot tournament!immortal-romance-slot

When the Wild Desire bonus game is awarded to a player one to five of the reels will become completely wild, and as such if you manage to get all five reels turning wild during any slot tournament you are playing in you will find yourself at the top of the tournament leader board in no time!

Loaded Tournament Slot

The Loaded slot game is another slot which is ideal for tournament play, for not only does that base game come with a wild multiplier symbol that instantly boosts the value of any winning combination it helps to complete by three times its normal payout value but you are given the option of choosing one of three different ways to play out any awarded free spins.

There is one option of playing out your triggered free spins bonus game which will give you a very good chance of obtaining a high score when playing this Loaded slot in a slot tournament, and should you get awarded the free spins bonus game then opt for the 12 free spins which play out on x4 multipliers for this will give you the best chance of ending the bonus round with a very high score!

Avalon Tournament Slot

There are quite a number of different aspects of the Avalon slot game which makes it an ideal slot for tournament play, a set of free spins can be triggered and awarded to you and as they have a random multiplier attached to each winning free spin this could see your tournament score being boosted in value quite dramatically.

This Avalon slot also has a set of additional wild symbols in play during the free spins feature and that will ensure even more winning combinations and therefore a potentially high score can be achieved when this bonus game triggers during your tournament play time.

Deck the Halls Tournament Slot

The Deck the Halls tournament slot game is structured as a very high variance slot, whilst that could see you playing lots of consecutive spins where no winning combinations spin in, there is the very real chance of you winning some high scoring winning payouts at any moment.

In fact during the free spins bonus round is it possible to win 2.4 million coins, and should you have that happen to you during any live slot tournament then you will instantly be catapulted right to the top of the slot tournaments leader board!

Agent Jane Blonde Tournament Slot

One of the older slot games which are attached to quite a number of online slot tournaments is the Agent Jane Blonde slot game. Whilst this game may not instantly be one you think is going to make an ideal slot to play in a slot tournament there are several reasons why it does make a perfect slot tournament base game.

You will find the free spins bonus round that can be triggered on this game does get awarded quite often, and it is also a slot which is famed for re-triggering the free spins round quite regularly and as such when playing against the clock in a slot tournaments the more free spins you are awarded the better the potential payouts will be due to the multiplier values in play during the free spins round!

You will also be able to take the gamble game option when a winning combination spins in and with a little luck when you take the gamble game you could help increase your winning score, if of course you make the correct gamble decision when playing the gamble game out!


Should you be planning on taking part in one or more online slot tournaments then do look out for any of the above listed slot games being used as the base game on any up and coming slot tournament, for they are by far and away the best slots to be found on any slot tournament.

Be aware that you can often find exclusive slot tournaments offered at certain online casino sites and as these tournaments are not network wide then all manner of different slots may be in use on any of them.



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