The Benefits of Paying Fixed Odds Slot Games

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fixed-odds-slotsYou will find a new breed of slot games being offered at some online casino sites which have a completely new playing structure and are unlike the standard slot games which have been found online for many years now, and these slot games are known as Fixed Odds slots.

The main difference between standard online slots and these Fixed Odds slot is that when you play the latter named slot every spin you play is going to be a guaranteed winning spin! However, before you think you have found slot playing heaven, you need to be aware that even though every spin is going to be a winning one you are not always going to be able to win and profit when playing such slots, due to the unique way they have been designed to work.

You may now be a little confused, so let us explain just how these Fixed Odds slot games work and operate and let you make your own mind up on whether they are a type of slot game that is going to appeal to you!

How to Play Fixed Odds Slot Games

You are going to find at least one Fixed Odds slot game available at Playtech powered online casino sites, you will find these located in the Arcade Games menu, and these slots will be named after the casino at which you are playing at!

Playtech’s Fixed odds slot games are all presented as a single payline slot and they have just three reels. Once you launch this type of slot game you will see located at the top of the screen, just above the reels a set of ten different betting options, these betting options are the actual winning combinations that can be spun in.

You are able to place a wager on one of these winning combinations or on as many of them as you so wish. You can of course vary the actual stake amounts you wager on each of these the winning combinations with the minimum permitted stake being just 0.10. However, should you be a high rolling type of slot player then you are able to put a maximum stake of some 100.00 on any winning combination.

Once you have picked as many or as few of those winning combinations to wager on then all that remains for you to do is to give the Spin button a click, and once clicked the three reels will spin and a guaranteed winning combination will be spun in, should you have bet on the winning combination that forms on the three reels you are paid out at the odds associated with that winning payout.

Playing Fixed Odds slot games will call for a cool level head, and as long as you realise that the game is going to spin in more of the lower valued winning combinations more than the higher paying larger winning combinations then you should be able to put into play your own unique playing strategy and adjust your stake levels accordingly.

Winning Payouts

The actual pay table on all of Playtech’s Fixed Odds slot games have been designed the same and as such it doesn’t matter which casino you are playing at which utilizes their software you will find the same winning payouts offered on all of them.

There are as mentioned above ten different winning combinations which can be spun on any single spin and to give you an idea of just how much can be won here are the payouts attached to each winning combination:

One Cherry returns a winning payout of three times your staked amount, two Cherries will return a payout of five times your staked amount, three Bells will return a winning payout of ten times your staked amount and for three Grapes a winning payout of fifteen times your staked amount is awarded to you if you have bet on it and it spins in.

The largest payouts are attached to the following winning combinations, starting with the three, Melons, thee Lemons and three Oranges which return a winning payout of twenty, twenty five and thirty times your staked amount respectively.

Should you spin in a set of three Plum symbols a winning payout of fifty times your staked amount is paid out to you, if you spin in three Cherry symbols will pay a payout worth seventy five times your staked amount and for a line of three Crown symbols a payout worth one hundred times your staked amount is paid out to you.

These slot games are completely random and as they have been designed and have all been fully tested and independently certified as returning the payout percentages listed above then you will have just as much chance winning when playing one of them as you would when playing a standard slot game, however they do offer another level of excitement and you will of course be required to think about just which winning combination or multiple inning combinations to bet on before simply clicking on the Spin button respectively!


The Fixed Odds slot games have been designed to return to players a payout percentage in between 96.50% and 97.00%, and as such when playing them never be tempted to place a wager on every single winning combinations respective betting option.

One way of playing these types of slots is to vary which winning combinations you bet on, and place smaller wagers on the largest paying winning combinations and larger wagers on the more regularly spun in smaller paying winning combinations.

However as you can play these Fixed Odds slot games for free then why not visit a Playtech software powered site and give them some play time via the free to play option, for that will see you being able to put them through their paces and then you will be in a better position to make an informed decision on whether they are worth playing or not!