Benefits of Slot Jackpot Tracking

Benefits of Slot Jackpot Tracking

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November 12, 2016

major-millions-5-reel-slotWhen you want to increase your chances of winning when playing slot machines, one way that you could do just that is by doing something known as jackpot tracking. This is a way of keeping your eyes on lots of different slot games on which at least one progressive jackpot is on offer and waiting until those jackpots are much more likely to be won, and then playing then at that moment in time.

You will of course probably be aware that being random games of chance, there is no way of knowing when a progressive slot game will finally pay out its jackpot, however there are some types of slots that will usually award their jackpots at certain times than at other times.

With that in mind below you will find a coupe of different categories of slots games that do offer at least one progressive jackpot, and we will enlighten you as to what you should be looking out for and when to play them to have a much better chance of walking off with those jackpots. So, read on for we think you are going to find the following information very valuable!

Guaranteed Hit by Progressive Jackpots

Some of the much newer slot games you may find being offered to you at some online or mobile casino sites will be offering you one or more progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to be awarded to you at random before they reach a certain value.

As such when you play those types of progressive jackpot awarding slots if you notice the current value of the progressive jackpot is not far off the amount that they are going to be guaranteed to be awarded at then you should make sure you get stuck into playing them, for it will not be very long before that jackpot is awarded and paid out!

Some of those slots will also offer two guaranteed to be hit by type of progressive jackpots and it will of course be the lowest valued jackpots on those slots that are going to be won more often, however when you come across such slots always do make sure that you first check the value of the jackpot currently on offer and play them if they are not too far of being paid out!

Average Jackpot Pay-Out Amounts

Another important aspect of you selecting just which progressives slot game to play is that you need to be aware that every single slot game will, over time have an average payout amount.

That is simply the amount of total jackpots a slot game has paid out to player divided by the number of players that have won the progressive jackpot.

Once you know what the average jackpot amount is you can then make a point of looking at the current values of every single progressive slot game on offer to you at any online or mobile casino sites and then if you find one that is currently displayed a jackpot value over and above the average payout amount it may be worth playing that slot game.

As long as you always play any progressive slot game in the way described on the pay table or help files that will have the progressive jackpot part of the slot on offer then you will always have a chance of winning that jackpot.

As there are lots of progressive jackpots won every single day of the week online, the more times you play those slot games then the more chance you will have of winning one to those jackpots yourself!


Whilst you are always going to be able to log into lots of different casino sites and then take a look through the jackpot meters that are attached to each of the individual progressive jackpot awarding slots at each of those casino sites, the website of each casino is also going to reveal a lot of information to you.

In fact, most casino sites will list a full overview of their progressive slot games on their website and will have a live jackpot ticker displayed on their website showing the current values of each of their progressive games too.

You will also find that quite a number of casino sites also have a live jackpot winning box displayed somewhere on their website which is updated in real time and will allow you to see just which slot games are paying out or have very recently paid out their jackpots.

So make sure you use every single tool available to you so that you are always aware full of just which progressive games are paying out and those that have not paid out their jackpots recently, as that will give you some ideas of just which slot games you should be considering playing!



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