Benefits of Playing on a Multi Software Casino Platform

Benefits of Playing on a Multi Software Casino Platform

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August 9, 2014

Benefits of Playing on a Multi Software Casino Platform

Many casino players online are opting to play at one of the newer casino sites that offer a range of different games from several different providers, instead of playing at sites that use just one providers range of games.

There are of course many unique benefits to be had by playing at one of the multi software casino platforms as they are known, and to help you decide whether such a gaming platform is going to beneficial to you we present to you the following guide which we invite you to read if of course you are looking for a brand new way to play casino games online!

Bigger Range of Games

The main aspect of playing at a multi software gaming platform site is that you are going to be able to access a much larger range of games, which some downloadable gaming platforms such as those from Microgaming and Playtech for example do offer hundreds of different games, they do all come with a similar type of design and that can often cause players to get bored with them over time.

By playing at a multi software casino site you are going to be able to play games from lots of different companies, and you can play them on one gaming platform without the need to have to keep closing one casino down and then opening up another one!

By having a much bigger range of games this does of course mean that you are going to be able to select the better paying games, for with there being lots of very low house edge games and plenty of games with higher than average payout percentages the bigger choice of games you have the easier it is to track down and get stuck into playing those games which offer you the best chances of winning!

Faster Payout Times

Another reason why we think that you should seriously consider playing at an online casino that uses one of the multi software gaming platforms is that the majority of them now offer much faster winning payouts to their players, as these no download gaming platforms have done away with the pending periods often found in place at downloadable casino sites.

By doing away completely with a withdrawals pending period that does of course mean as soon as you request a winning payout it is sent straight to the casinos cashier teams for processing. In fact we are aware of many casinos using one of these gaming platforms that pay their winning players in minutes of them requesting a winning payout.

The one main problems of having a pending period is that players do run the risk of reversing their cash outs in the hope the winning streak they have just experienced will continue. This often causes those players to over stake their next gaming session using those reversed funds and in nine times out of ten players reversing a withdrawal will lose it all back to the casino!

So it makes sense for any player to opt to give a multi software gaming platform site a try, for as soon as you click on the withdrawal button your winnings are instantly removed form temptations way and will be winging their way back to you rapidly!

No Download Only

We should point out that any online casino site that offers you a suite of different provider’s games is only going to have a no downloadable gaming platform on offer, but that should not pose any problems as you will find that the games on offer will work seamlessly in any type of browser.

In fact another major benefit will be that the games do not have to update as often as those games found on a downloadable gaming platform, for when those casinos need updating you can use up large amounts of bandwidth as each game individually updates and as the games are being updated you will often find the games play slowly and can lag.

Whilst it is true to say that some of the additional player adjustable options are not going to be available or on offer at these new multi software casino sites, if you are not looking to tailor your own unique game sessions and are not too fused about features such as the Tabbed Browser feature then you will have just as much fun and enjoyment out of playing at one of these new casino sites.


Do try and give one of these new online casinos a try, be aware that they are only available in a no download format and as such you will not have to spend ages downloading and then installing the platforms and suite of games onto your computer.

You will just like any other online casino site be able to use a demo type account where you can access the vast majority of games on offer via a free to play version of the casino, and that should allow you to get stuck into all of the many different game suppliers games and to pick out the ones you may also wish to play for real money.

The bonuses and comp clubs are just as generous on a multi software gaming platform casino site as they are at any other casino site so you will certainly not be making any compromises in regards to locking in additional playing value!



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