Avoid These Mistakes Playing Craps Online For Money

Avoid These Mistakes Playing Craps Online For Money

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April 20, 2011

Avoid These Mistakes Playing Craps Online For Money

That’s right, you can play craps online for money and there are many safe, licensed and regulated casinos online that will take your bets. But before you start playing, make sure you read about some common mistakes to avoid when playing craps online for money.

Know the Game

Avoid playing the game without understanding the rules. To play craps online for money requires that the player understands the game. Craps is a complex game that can leave new players bewildered. The language of craps is very foreign until the new player understands how the game is played.

This advice is not meant to intimidate the beginning player. Beginning players can play online craps for real money and still win. The key is to play within your experience. Almost all players bet on the pass-the-line bet. This should be the focus of new players. Playing the pass-the-line bet allows the player to observe and participate at the same time. Experience is good and gaining experience in craps comes from either observing (learning how to play) or in playing.

Real money craps can be lucrative. Players need to understand that luck plays a more dominating role then the roll that strategy plays in winning craps.

Avoid Bad Bets

Craps offers the lowest house advantage of all casino games. This only true of the pass the line bet and do not pass the line bet. The other betting options in craps are in the houses favor. Looking at some of the optional bets in craps can help to show players how to avoid stacking the deck in the house's favor.

The big six bet and the big eight bet are both bets to avoid. This bet is in favor of the house by 9.1 percent. The pass-the-line bet is a better bet when it is compared to the big-six and big-eight bets because the pass-the-line bet only has a 1.41 percent edge to the house. The don't-pass-the-line bet has an even lower house edge than the pass-the-line bet. The house edge for a don't-pass-the-line bet is 1.36. The problem with the don't-pass-the-line bet is that the bet is against the player who is rolling the dice. In other words, the player is betting that the person rolling the dice will fail.

Play online craps for cash can pay off if the player avoids those bets that give the house the best odds of winning. Play craps online for cash can bring both the experience of the game and knowledge of how to play the game to beginning and intermediate players. Playing the odds that favor the player and avoiding the bets that significantly lie in favor of the house are both good ways to make money playing craps.

Choosing the Best Online Casino

There are other benefits available to online players. Choosing the best casinos online for craps can enable the player to pick the spot that benefits the player the most. Not all casinos are trustworthy, and there are quite few casinos you should avoid at all cost (see our Casino Blacklist). It is important that players take the time to investigate each casino they wish to play at. Choosing a casino that is trustworthy is a good first step; but remember that a good casino will also offer generous bonuses to new players, and some even bonuses tailored for crap players.

So spend some time evaluate each casino and by choosing the casinos that offer the best bonuses, you have some extra money to play with. After all, it’s more fun to play with the casinos’ money than it is to play with your own coin.

Click here for a full list of safe online casinos for craps that are fully licensed and regulated.



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