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May 14, 2016

cosmic-fortune-slotIn this slot playing guide we are going to be taking a look at a base game and also a bonus game feature that we have noticed many online and mobile slot games now have attached to them, and that feature is known as the Avalanche Feature.

Please do have a good read through of this particular guide, for if you are the type of slot player who may be tiring of playing some of the more standard video slots then we think you are going to find this new feature quite intriguing!

In fact, due to its unique design when that feature has been triggered, there is something of a much increased chance that you will experience several bonus winning payouts, some of which can be quite high in value, if of course when playing a slot with this feature everything falls into place perfectly as you are playing it!

Be aware that the Avalanche Feature may go by a different name depending on just which designers slot games you have chosen to play, however if you decide to play at any of our featured NetEnt casino sites then you are going to find quite a number of slots which do have that unique feature attached to them!

Playing a Slot with an Avalanche Feature

When you do decide to play a slot with an Avalanche Feature attached to it then the first thing you will instantly notice is that when you click on the spin buttons the reels do not spin! Instead the five reels of these types of slot games will have a new set of reel symbols being placed onto them by those symbols falling down onto the screen.

Once every single reel symbols has dropped down and filled the in view reel position on each reels then any winning combinations that you have been lucky enough to form as listed on the pay table will be credited to your win meter and your casino account.

However, the Avalanche Feature will then kick into force and that feature will then remove the symbols that formed any winning combinations. You will then be faced with a slot game screen that has lots of gaps on it due to the removal of those reel symbols that formed one or more winning combinations.

What happens next is that the reel symbols above those missing ones drop down to fill in the gaps and any additional winning combinations that are then formed on any of your activated paylines are awarded to you as per the pay table. The Avalanche Feature will keep on playing off and removing and replacing reel symbols until such a time that no new winning combinations are formed.

Also you may find that a special multiplier value will also come into play one any Avalanche Feature that plays offer over and above the original spin you play off, and as such higher valued winning payouts formed via any additional Avalanche Feature get their winning payouts boosted by the current value of the multiplier values!

Which Slots have an Avalanche Feature?

One slot game you will have plenty of winning opportunities on if you are a fan of both progressive jackpot slots and also slots that award free spins is the Cosmic Fortune slot from NetEnt. What makes this game additionally exciting to play is that there is an Avalanche Feature attached to it!

One thing to keep in mind about that slot game however is that all of the progressive jackpots that can be won when playing it online are awarded by a bonus game which comes into play at the end of the free spins feature round!

You will also find the Elements the Awakening slot which is another NetEnt designed slot game also comes with an Avalanche Feature and in addition to that bonus feature there are quite a number of additional bonus games attached to it.

In fact when playing that particular slot there is a huge amount of cash that could be awarded to you based on which stage of the game you are playing and also what bonus feature you are lucky enough to trigger when playing it, so make sure you do track it down and play it for we found it to be a very exciting slot to play online!


If you make your way now over to any of the online casino sites that we have reviewed throughout our website, you are going to be able to play any of their slot games, including those with an Avalanche Feature for free and at no risk, directly from those casino websites.

So for you to experience firsthand but at no risk what so ever how those Avalanche Features work and operate, why don’t you play some of the above named slot games right now and for free?



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