Are Online Blackjack Games RTP Dependent?

Are Online Blackjack Games RTP Dependent?

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February 26, 2014

re Online Blackjack Games RTP Dependent

The way in which online Blackjack games work and play often leaves a player wondering if the design of these types of casino cards games make them less random than the Blackjack games you can access and play in a land based casino site, and today we are going to look into this phenomenon and answer any questions you may have.

When you play for example an online casinos slot game, you will probably be aware that these types of games are very much RTP dependent, which simply means they have a payout percentage built into them and will be aiming over the long term to payback to players that particular RTP.

When you are playing online Blackjack games you are guaranteed to experience what would appear to be some very unusual streaks, whether losing or winning streaks and when the former occurs this will leave even the most sensible players wondering whether the game is in fact working in much the same way as a slot game does, that being constantly trying to achieve its pre-programmed payout percentage!

Below we have listed several of the reasons why you may get the false impression an online Blackjack game variant is RTP dependent, please do have a good look through this article for by doing so it will enlighten you on how online Blackjack games work and will give you some valuable pointers in the hope of you improving your game!

Speed of Online Blackjack Game Playing

The one main reason why an online Blackjack game player is going to notice some unusual streaks of winning and losing session is down to the very simple fact that when playing online from the comfort of your own home, you are going to be able to play many more games per session than is ever possible in a land based casino.

As it is just you against the house when you are playing online Blackjack, that does of course mean the game play is never in any way slowed down which it is when a land based Blackjack Dealer has to exchange cash for chips, pay winning players, remove losing bets from the table and shuffle and deal the deck of cards.

As you can play so many more hands per hour online then it is obvious you will notice losing streaks and winning streaks much more readily than you would when playing in a land based casino, and this does give players reason to question the fairness of online Blackjack games, quite incorrectly when a losing streak has occurred.

Online Blackjack Game Variants

A novice online Blackjack player will need to be aware that he or she is going to find a whole slew of unique Blackjack game variants on offer online, and due to each of these games being designed differently, it is important to understand the game play rules, payouts and design of each game on offer before simply jumping in and playing the first Blackjack game they find available.

The actual house edge of each individual online Blackjack game will differ, and there are some huge variations in regards to the house edge on these casino card games, and as such some games are highly sought after as they give players a much better chance of winning, whilst some online Blackjack game variants are best being left well alone!

To ensure you never play the wrong type of Blackjack game, and by this we mean a game offering a poor valued high house edge, make sure you give games such as Microgaming’s single hand Classic Blackjack a try, or Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game, for those two different Blackjack games boast the very lowest house edge and are far more attractive games to play than most other variants.

Lack of Physical Chips and a Sense of Playing with Real Money

One downside of playing online Blackjack is that you can very easily lose track of reality, for you do not have any physical chips sat in front of you at the cyber Blackjack tables, and this simple fact can make many such players play for stake levels at which their respective gaming bankroll simply cannot stand for any length of time, should the cards not be going that players way!

You really do need to have a sensible staking plan when playing Blackjack online, it is no good just hoping that Lady Luck will be sat alongside you when you play, you will experience winning streaks and losing streaks and sessions where you win and lose consecutively, and it can be something of a roller coaster ride.

But by keeping a cool level head, and playing within your means you should get plenty of enjoyment, entertainment and plenty of winning sessions when playing online, just remember that the account balance when playing in a real money mode is real money, and always treat that account balance with respect, and make a point of actually cashing out and withdrawing your winnings regularly, and try not be too tempted to keep on playing, for a winning streak will always come to an end sooner or later!


As you can see from above, online Blackjack games, if chosen wisely and played optimally, can give players much better results than when playing Blackjack in land based casinos and venues, however you do need to keep a clear head and not lose sense of reality when playing online.

The savviest online Blackjack player is going to approach all of their gaming and playing sessions like a military operation, and will know in advance how much they intend to wager per hand and also have in the back of their mind an idea of both a winning goal and a stop loss limit.

So if you are considering giving online Blackjack playing a try, then always play the lowest house edge variants, learn to play the Blackjack variant you wish to play fully by playing it for free before playing it for real money, and always play sensibly, putting in some form of betting and playing strategy.



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