Are Casino Poker Card Games Worth Playing?

Are Casino Poker Card Games Worth Playing?

Staff Writer
March 10, 2017

You may have played some of the more standard types of casino card games such as Blackjack and Baccarat however one of the major advantages of playing at online casino sites and some mobile casino sites is that you are going to come across a large and varied selection of what are known as casino poker card games.

These games are played in such a way that what you are aiming to do when playing off each had dealt out to you is to form a high ranking poker based hand combination and if your hand then beats the Dealers hand with its ranking then your hand wins!

Sadly the one thing that does not appeal to many players in regards to casino poker games is that even when you play them optimally the house edges attached and on offer on these types of casino card games are higher than the more classical games of Blackjack and Baccarat.

Therefore if you want to have the maximum winning opportunities you are best off avoiding playing these casino poker games and should stick to playing Baccarat and Blackjack games instead!

3 Card Poker Games

One casino poker card game we think you may enjoy playing is the 3 Card Poker game, in fact this game can go by several different names dependent on just which casino site you choose to play it at but the game play rules are the same in each casino.

You can choose to play the Ante game which will simply see you being dealt out three cards in the hope your three card hand is of a higher value than that of the Dealers three card hand and if so you have won that game and will receive the associated winning payout.

Being an Ante game you first have to place your initial bet and then can increase the value of hat wager by placing a second bet to play on.

Three Card Poker games also offer another playing and betting options which is the Pairs Plus bet, you can either place that bet on its own or alongside the Ante Bet but each bet is a separate one!

When you place the Pairs Plus bet you are simply hoping you are dealt out via your three card hand a hand containing a pair or higher, you do not have to beat the Dealers hand when playing this game just get a pair or higher in your hand.

Progressive Jackpot Casino Poker Card Games

Whilst you will of course find a huge and ever growing range of different casino poker card games on offer to you what we have found is that more and more player are being attracted to play these type of card games but the ones that have a progressive jackpots attached and on offer on them.

What you do need to be fully aware of however when playing such a game is that you will only ever have the chance of winning one to the progressive jackpots on offer on these games if you do place the often optional side bet wager.

If you do not place that optional side bet wager then you will have no chance what so ever of being able to win the progressive jackpot, however one thing that is not appealing about these types of casino poker card games is that the house edges on both the base game and the progressive jackpot part of the game are very high so they are not games you should play for very long!


Keep in mind that as each casino poker game is going to be offering you a different set of playing rules and as the payouts can and will vary from variant to variant you will be best advised to ensure that the casino poker card game you end up playing comes with a low house edge.

It is often the case that when you are required to place an additional optional side bet wager those side bet wagers do tend to have a high house edge on offer, and therefore it is best that you always avoid placing those optional side best for they can eat away at even the largest of bankrolls very quickly.

To allow anyone who has never played these very unique types of card game before to see if they like them or not, if you made the very wise decision of signing up to one or more of our featured online or mobile casinos you will be able to play those games for free.

The best way to see if you do enjoy playing them is always going to be by playing them initially at no risk via the demo mode versions of the games, so do consider doing so!



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