Alternative Banking Options to Ukash

Alternative Banking Options to Ukash

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June 25, 2015

Alternative Banking Options to Ukash

Ukash is an online and mobile casino banking option that has been around for a number of years now. It is a way of you being able to purchase from a local shop a pre-paid voucher in cash, over the counter of that shop and on that voucher is a unique code.

What made Ukash a popular casino banking option is that any player that did not have a bank account linked up to a debit card or didn’t want to use their credit cards to fund a casino account or that player did not have a web wallet type account they could use Ukash to fund their accounts.

That was done by those players purchasing Ukash vouchers in cash from a shop they could then return home and enter the unique code printed on the voucher into the casinos banking interface and their funds would then be credited to their casino account.

However, very shortly Ukash is no longer going to be available to casino players and as such you may be looking around for an alternative banking option to use. If so read on for we have found a perfect replacement for Ukash which is just as easy to use and is widely available.

Introducing PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard has been around for more or less just as long as Ukash has been around and the service this company offers is almost identical to that of Ukash, and as such if you are looking around for an alternative deposit option to use then PaySafeCard is the ideal one for you to consider using.

You will find that PaySafeCard have a very helpful website and when you visit their website you can enter into their shop locator tool your post code or the town you live in and by doing so that shop locator tool will then check through the data base and will present to you a list of local shops and stores nearly to where you live which all sell PaySafeCard vouchers.

You simply then need to visit any one of those stores and request a PaySafeCard voucher of any value you like. Once you request a voucher you will then need to pay in cash over the counter for that voucher which will then be presented to you once you have paid for it.

Printed on that voucher is a long unique code and that code needs to be entered into the banking interface once you return home of the casino you wish to play at. Be aware that you will also be able to use PaySafeCard vouchers at mobile casino sites too, so it is an ideal solution if you do not have any other option available to you for making a deposit into your casino accounts!

PaySafeCard Fees and Charges

One of the major advantages of you opting to use PaySafeCard vouchers as the way you fund your online or mobile casino accounts is that you are not going to be charged any fees for purchasing those vouchers from the shop you buy them from.

Be aware though that some retailers have been known to charge you a very nominal fee for buying PaySafeCard vouchers from them, and if you do come across such a venue then opt to buy your vouchers from a store that does not try and charge you an additional fee!

Similarly you may find that one or two online or mobile casino sites may charge you a small fee for redeeming your PaySafeCard vouchers at their casino site, and if you do come across such a casino then simply do not play there and play at a casino that values your customer and does not impose any type of fees onto you for depositing by PaySafeCard!

You do need to be are however that PaySafeCard vouchers are a one way casino banking option and as such you are only going to be able to use them to fund your casino account online and cannot use them to withdraw your winnings from such a site.

As such you should always make a note of the available withdrawal options on offer to you from any online casino site or mobile casino site and have one in mind as the way that you are going to be able to withdraw your winnings if you have had a winning session after depositing using PaySafeCard vouchers!


There are, as you have just found out, many unique benefits to be had of you choosing to use PaySafeCard vouchers as way of making a deposit into any online or mobile casino site.

However, one thing to keep in mind when using this casino banking method, and that it is a great way for you to be able to budget ahead, for your only ever going to be able to spend the face value of the vouchers when funding a casino account and as such by choosing to use PaySafeCard you will never run the risk of over spending when gambling online.

Plus as you physically have to walk or drive to a local shop that sells those vouchers then you are going to be less inclined to carry on gambling when your casino account balance has run out!

If you are interested in using PaySafeCard vouchers but have not yet found an online casino site at which to play at, be aware that lots of out featured online casino sites do accept this banking option so finding a casino site at which to play will be easy!

It is also worth noting that you are also going to be offered just as many new player and ongoing bonuses when you use PaySafeCard vouchers as you would do when using any other banking option, so do not think that you are going to have to make any compromises when using their vouchers to fund an online or mobile casino site account!



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