7 Things Casinos Keep from You

7 Things Casinos Keep from You

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January 13, 2014

Online Casino Mysteries Solved

The online casino industry is fierce and because of the tough competition, Internet casinos do their best to offer top gaming products and services as well as tempt players to come and join in. Gambling is the risk some people want to take in order to have some fun, but people should be and act smart when they are playing casino games of skills and luck from the comfort of their homes. If you join in at a casino that displays lucrative bonus offer and temps you to join in, you might not get what you want. Online casinos have a deeper layer. That is why we have decided to expose the top seven secrets online casinos don’t want you to know when you start gambling.

1. Odds, Probabilities, House Edge, Standard Deviation…

Casino fans love to play their favorite casino games. But not all games have the same odds and probabilities as well as the same house edge. Understanding how these terms work is the key to understanding all gambling- related matters that casinos don’t want players to know and be aware of. Therefore, players should carefully think what game to play and compare a game variant with the others. It is also important to note that some casino games have fixed odds, while others, with proper gaming skills and techniques, allow players to reduce the house edge to a minimum. In addition, there are some casino games that have lower standard deviation, while others have higher. If players are thoroughly familiar with all of the above- mentioned terms and how they work, the question is whether they would play casino games at all.

2. Lower House Edge Games

Blackjack - Low House Edge gameOnline casinos don’t want their customers to play lower house edge casino games because the advantage of the players at these games is higher. As mentioned above, some games of skills like Blackjack, Craps and Video Poker have lower house edge than other casino games like slots that are based on luck. In addition, some bets or game variety within these games can offer really low house edges. For example, Blackjack Single Deck variant has a house edge from 0.46%. The difference is the number of cards or 52 cards to be exact. This lowers the house edge and if you use a good betting strategy as wells as a nice bonus, you can walk away with big money. The casino game of Craps also has lower house edge and with the combination of the Don't Pass bet, it is around 0.45%. The Video Poker variant All Aces 1-play has a house edge of 0.08%.

3. Bonus Hunting

Online casinos don’t want players that chase bonuses and make deposits only if they come across a good bonus offer. In other words, they don’t want players that play games just to make a positive outcome of the bonus. These players calculate the wagering requirement of a bonus as well as the expected value or the amount of money they would win or lose on average on their bets while trying to meet the wagering requirement. Over time, while playing, the expected value of a bonus is positive which means they increase their advantage over the casinos.

4. Jackpot Winners and Jackpot Counters

A Progressive Jackpot TickerThe psychological factor is also considered in online casino gambling. Casinos want to spread the words of online casino jackpot winners so they temp you to come, join in and play the games. They especially want to boost about their progressive jackpot winners of life- changing amounts and how much they have given to lucky players so that you eventually wish to be part of the Winners Hall. Some casinos also have a section with stories of jackpot winners narrating their happy moments. This, in turn, prompts you to sign up with a casino, make a deposit and go for the progressive casino games. The jackpot counters also have the same effect. At most online casinos if you visit the progressive games section you will see jackpot counters that show the current amount of a jackpot game and this amount increases with every second. The bigger the amount the more you wish to hit that progressive.

5. Online Casinos Don't Want You to Quit When You're Ahead

Online casinos don’t want the players that are on a winning streak to quit playing and walk away. The reason behind this is that you actually win if you quit when you're ahead. Being ahead is winning and vice versa. However, some players lose their heads at casinos, especially when there are winning. Let’s consider an example. You start off with a budget of $500. While playing your favorite casino game or a couple of games, you earn $1,500. At this point you become greedy and want more, so you don’t quit and continue to ride through the peaks. You are now twice ahead and richer, but you hit a losing streak and in the aim to recover you lose your entire $500 bankroll. That is why it is always advisable to quit your gaming session when you are ahead, collect your winnings and walk away.

6. Roulette Electronic Scoreboard and Other “Useful” Tools

A Roulette ScoreboardTools like roulette electronic scoreboards usually placed on the top left corner of the screen while playing roulette display the last 5-20 numbers that were hit. Casinos do this in your favor so that you know what exact numbers were hit and are overdue. However, on the downside, most people believe that thanks to the roulette scoreboard they can guess the next winning number or the ones that are frequently hit. In turn, this would help them use appropriate roulette systems and techniques, device good betting strategies etc. But, the truth is, the device works as a crystal ball does. The game of roulette has random number generator software and the outcome of a wheel spin is completely random. The game doesn’t care what number was hit nor has a memory. The ball may land on zero three times in a row or it might never land on zero during the entire day. So the roulette scoreboard is in fact worthless. Therefore, players should really think about whether these tools are actually useful and whether they can really help them make the best bets.

7. Betting Systems

Online casinos love the type of players that believe they have a betting system or a formula to win a game and beat the casino. As a matter of fact, they will pick you up with a limo and give you the best treatment of your life if you play at their casino and show them your betting system. The reason behind this is that casinos are mathematically built and even though they offer high payback percentages and lower house edge games, in the long run, they are still going to win. Math is on their side, not luck. Moreover, different types of betting systems have been devised since the beginning of gambling, however, there is no betting system that actually works. Therefore, casinos don’t want you to know this and welcome you and your betting system and strategies with open hands.



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