The 5 Best Gambling TV Ads Everyone Should See

The 5 Best Gambling TV Ads Everyone Should See

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January 17, 2014

In the extremely competitive industry that’s iGaming, it isn’t enough to offer a lot of slot machines and casino games.

Certainly, it would not harm to boast a few hundreds or thousands of titles in the game arsenal. Nevertheless, statistics have shown that that sole approach does not suffice when it comes to attracting new customers.

That is why operators looked for alternative ways to promote their brand.

Online gambling firms began implementing novel tactics such as TV advertising. And that exactly is our topic of today. This method has been popular for a few years now, and there’s a litany of ads on the telly. Thanks to YouTube, you can now watch and admire them months after they were made. To keep you entertained, we will list the best gambling TV ads everybody should see right now.

Having seen dozens of commercials, we narrowed down the selection to the five most entertaining ones. Here they are, enjoy!


  1. Paddy Power – Don’t Think You’re Special

It’s not easy being special, former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says in 2019 casino ad for Paddy Power. The sports legend even made it to the front pages and online publications because of this partnership.  Daily Mail has written about this humorous video spot.

In the commercial, Mourinho makes fun of key points in his career. In a nutshell, he shows us what his typical day looks like. The video starts with the man in his pajamas strolling through the hall where his trophies are displayed. He checks out the morning papers and moves on to show us the rest of his lavish home. “Who’s a special boy?,” Mourinho asks his Weimaraner. Then he goes on to reply to himself with a simple, “Me.”

Don’t Think You’re Special is an entertaining clip to check out. It was primarily made to promote the daily jackpot feature Paddy Power recently implemented. He moral of the story is that everyone is special in their own way.

  • LeoVegas – Åker skidor

When you type in “I cannot be defeated” in Google’s search bar and click on “Images”, a familiar face will show up. That’s Dolph Lundgren, and the sentence is one of only nine lines he had in 1985 movie Rocky IV. The legendary actor joined Sweden-based LeoVegas Casino in fall 2018. Since then, they have filmed a few TV ads targeting the Swedish market. The one we selected for you is called Åker skidor, which means skiing in Swedish. You can also join Lundgren in his ninja ventures in the LeoVegas BankID ad as well.

If after watching the video below you feel like revisiting old-school movies, you can play Playtech’s Rocky video slot at LeoVegas!

  • PlayOJO – Alpaca

Moving onto less branded and more furry names, PlayOJO incorporated a white alpaca in TV ad in 2018. There is not much we can tell you about this commercial. It speaks for itself.

In the PlayOJO Meets Alpaca TV ad, there is a single alpaca starring. It walks up and down a beautiful, bright green meadow and munches on some fresh grass. As the animal flaunts its pelage, a voiceover actor narrates a story of fair gambling. PlayOJO prides itself on offering premium and above all fair services to its customers. The dauntless camelid invites you to “find your ojo” with PlayOJO.

We were swept off our feet, that we can tell you. See how cute the ad is below.

  • PlayOJO – Thumbs up

Innovation is the second name of the purple-lilac online casino. In spring this year, PlayOJO invested £10 million in a “thumbelievable” TV ad. The video stars Tom, a smiling, cheerful Londoner walking down the street playing on PlayOJO mobile. His favorite games are slots. How about you?

Tom flashes a big thumbs up to passers-by, and they too are enjoying PlayOJO in their portable devices. There are Tom’s acquaintances Sally and Bill, both of whom are at work and enjoying a hassle-free online gambling experience.

PlayOJO shows off its generous and welcoming terms and conditions such as no wagering requirements and no restrictions. Now, that’s fair. The focal point of the ad is the deliberate absence of painful wagering requirements. Tom is as happy as Larry to register with PlayOJO, and so should you!

  • LeoVegas – Double Vegas

English actor and comedian Johnny Vegas joined LeoVegas a couple of years ago. That made the casino Double Vegas. The St Helens-born TV persona goes through a series of dangerous experiences with Leo, a man with a lion’s head. In this ad, LeoVegas focuses on the abundance of games it possesses. The virtual gambling establishment has so many slots that it needs two ambassadors.

The roaring duo goes from their trailers to a radio host show, only to show off the then new titles – Neon Reels and Rainbow Riches. Then, they go skydiving together, showing the viewers that they should be just as daring. The video concludes with the two partners roaring together, loudly and passionately.

With LeoVegas’s Double Vegas TV ad, we conclude our official top picks list. More amazing TV commercials are sure to land on our screens before long. Before we say goodbye, have a look at our two special mentions.

Honorable Mentions

It just wouldn’t be fair if we left out a couple of ads we’ve seen. That’s why we decided to add two more TV commercials as honorable mentions. We found them a bit too good to neglect.

LeoVegas ft. Motörhead

In late summer 2016, LeoVegas filmed a short movie with music legend Mikkey Dee, former drummer of Motörhead. In it, the famous musician smashes the drum kit in an opulently furnished drawing room. The ad wraps up with the logo of Motörhead Slot from Swedish slot provider NetEnt.

Bet365 Casino

Bet365 Casino’s 2013 ad is an all-time favorite. It encompasses everything a casino devotee wants to see. Set in a futuristic, Blade Runner-like environment with cyberpunk motifs and neon lights, the ad is visually stunning. Additionally, all segments of Bet365 Casino are covered, including slot machines, table games and the live dealer.

And Our Winner is …

After quite some time of consideration, we settled for one champion. Our top pick is the collaboration between LeoVegas and Dolph Lundgren. The ad captures the free spirit every online gambler possesses. Furthermore, the familiar face of the famous, rugged actor was a great choice on behalf of the Swedish mobile casino. The point is that you can take your favorite online casino anywhere you go, even when taking up extreme sports!

What’s your favorite?

Don’t think for too long; more promising commercials are coming our way. Seeing how prolific this strategy has become, we expect a new ad per operator at least twice a year! Stick with for the freshest updates!



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