The 5 Best Gambling TV Ads Everyone Should See

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Best Gambling TV Commercials EverWith so many online casinos, it is hard to keep up with the tough competition and stand out from the crowd. Therefore, casinos on the Internet do their best to catch the eyes of new players and keep things fun and exciting for the old ones. Probably the best tool to attract new players is through TV advertising. Creating a good online casino gambling TV ad that is fun and entertaining and that lures people to immediately turn on their computers and visit the casino is the key to success. Form the many TV ads about online casinos, we have done the job to select the five best and smartest gambling TV ads of all time. Enjoy!


1. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is one of the well- established casinos on the Internet. They take online gambling seriously and always strive to offer good gaming products to all online gambling fans. One of the ways Ladbrokes has attracted new players is through their TV ad featuring TizianoCrudeli and Chris Kamara. The ad starts with football player Kamara at the gym talking about Hydraplus product, when suddenly, a ball hits him. Crudeli, the jolly Italian football fan, announces screaming that sports Bet In- Play is on at Ladbrokes. Take a small part of Kamara’s foolishness and a slice of Crudeli’s passion for football and funny English accent and you have a pretty fun commercial that would make people sign up at Ladbrokes immediately.


2. Bet365 Casino Ad

Bet365 is one of the most popular and well- known online casinos offering various online gambling options to all gamblers that range from online, live and mobile casino to poker, bingo and sports betting. The casino’s TV ad of 2013 best describes what Bet365 has to offer- a virtual casino city through which you fly and choose your favorite casino game. Regardless if it is a live dealer game or roulette, the virtual city is easy to navigate and it is made of top notch technology. Symbolically, the real- life people are represented by the playing cards. The ad sums up the best of Bet365.


3. Bet365 Bet In Play Ad

“It is all about the In- Play,” says Ray Winstone about the Bet365 In- Play in the sports section. The ad is created by Drummond Central and it features Ray Winstone, an English film and television actor, who promotes Bet365 In- Play betting campaign. Winstone stands in a virtual sphere and he is surrounded by graphics relating to the fifty In- Play markets. Suddenly, he says “Hold on” and reveals the latest live odds that are streamed onto the screen. This ad best explains why the In- Play is important in the sports betting world and why it is beneficial for all punters. The ad was aired during the Champions League matches and England Qualifiers.


4. William Hill Casino

“Your game, your rules,” is the motto of William Hill Casino TV advert. The name of the casino is well- known in the online casino industry. Powered by multiple software platforms, the casino offers wide selection of gaming products and awards players with many bonuses.

The casino’s ad presents what online gambling is truly about- you can play blackjack in you pajamas and eat cookies on the roulette table without worrying about the players next to you or listen to annoying comments. The sound of shuffling cards and playing chips is really inviting and it will prompt casino fans to visit the casino right away.


 5. Party Casino

Welcome to the party at Party Casino, another popular online casino that offers great deal of games, mobile and live dealer casino games, generous bonuses and promotions, many banking options and that has great customer support service. Party Casino TV ad presents another type of virtual city where dealers operate nigh-tech roulette and blackjack tables that electronically give cards and allow players to place their bets or spin the reels. Rain of chips pours down the winners, while the active and energetic soundtrack lures you to go for the big money and sign up with the casino. This is exactly what you will get from the casino- high quality games, excellent support and rain of chips if you hit the progressive jackpot games.


And Our Winner is …

From all of the above- mentioned gambling TV ads, Bet365 Casino ad is our favorite. The ad captures what the casino has to offer and vividly pictures the virtual state-of-the-art casino city that looks more or less like a real, capital, futuristic city. If you visit Bet365 Casino from your computer or mobile device, it is exactly what you will come across- easy to navigate games lobby, clear design and cutting- edge casino games. That is why we picked this ad as our number one choice.

To learn more about what Bet365 has to offer, check out our review of Bet365 casino that contains up-to-date information about their casino software, games, bonuses & promotions.